Chapter 1 General Rules

Group 1 (purpose)

These terms and conditions are referred to as maker space (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) all services provided by this (hereinafter referred to as the “Service” ) the purpose of defining the basic stipulations such as the terms and conditions of use, procedures and rights and obligations between the parties.

Article2(definitionof the term)

The terms used in these terms are defined as follows:

(1) Services: All products and services, including online and offline, used by the Company.

(2) MakerSpace Member: (hereinafter referred to as “Member”)
Customers who have been granted access to the service

Site: A site operated by the company.

(4) Customers: Members or non-members who use the services provided by the Company.

Employees and operators: (hereinafter referred to as “operators”) for the overall management and smooth operation of the service.
The person selected by the company.

Article3 (Theeffect and revision of the terms and conditions)

(1) These terms and conditions shall be
it will be raised.

(2) These terms are amended from time to time, and if the Company wishes to amend the terms and conditions, the Company intends to apply the revised terms and conditions.
the revised terms and conditions at least 14 days prior to the date of effect.
We will notify the member of the contents, etc. However, if the contents of the terms and conditions are changed against the member, the minimum
Notice with a 30-day pre-grace period.

(3) The terms and conditions revised in accordance with this regulation shall, in principle, be effective from the date of effect to the future.

Chapter 2 Members


(1) Customers who wish to become a member must fill out the form of membership as defined by the parties and
By agreeing to the terms and conditions and “consent to the collection and use of personal information”, the Company applies for membership
The application will be concluded by accepting the application.

“The Company shall accept the use of the services provided by the Company in the application of the applicant.

Article5(Withdrawaland Disqualification)

Members may request to withdraw from membership at any time, and at the request of the member, they may withdraw the membership as soon as possible.
Follow all procedures.

If the member falls into the following paragraphs, the Company shall lose his or her membership by notifying the member.
you can stop for three months.

A. When you apply for a membership, you register false content or steal someone else’s name.

I. If a member dies

All of them. Other violations of the member’s obligations set forth in these terms and conditions

Article6(Noticeto Members)

(1) If you give notice to a member, you can do so by e-mail or contact information registered by the member.

In the case of notices to an unspecified number of members, the Company shall post it on the service board, etc.
Can be grinded.