2018.7.6 Company established

2018.7. Established of Korean Blockchain Entrepreneurs Association (KOBEA)

2018.8. Application for certification of Maker Space Mid-Term Government

2018.9.11 Korea Blockchain Entrepreneurassociation (KOBEA) Erection Meeting Event

2018.9.10. Signed a contract for sales service with the Owners’ Association for the Division of Yese A.P.M. Buildings

2018.10.30. Lucid Clipto Investment Blockchain Meeting Wine Party Event

2018.11.8 Delight Blockchain Event

2018.12.6 MBC Everyone Urban Police Jang Hyuk Interview

2019.1.20 Paxnet M&A Consulting Contract

2019.2.25 Signed a consulting agreement with Future Oh Sung

2019.3.10 Yes.E.M. Separating Owners 51 Contract and Started To Pay Down Payment

2019.3.12 Unio BlueCon Korea Event

2019.3.17 MBN Korean Football Sitadown (Shin Tae-yong, Lee Young-pyo, Son Heung-min)

2019.3.18 Signed a contract with Cocoa Consulting Co., Ltd.

2019.4.1 Signed a consulting contract and business cooperation agreement with Ticket Socket Korea