Expansion of data home shopping with cryptocurrency as a payment method by building integrated mobile commerce gateway centered on business
“Complex innovation growth model” that combines start-up and urban regeneration

  • We will complete a digital distribution platform based on the superior startup technology ecosystem and cryptocurrency payment that is the driving force for future growth, and encourage local economic revitalization by regenerating the original city center, which is based on education-culture-based local communities. In this way, we will build a "complex innovation growth model" that seeks public benefits and economic growth engines together.


Corporate development business

We want to grow into a world-class companyby identifying promising startups with high potential for future growth and supporting all consultingrequired for investment resources and corporate operations.

  • Start-up consulting support/mentoring operations
  • Investment investment: Public funds, policy fund management space
  • Infrastructure (shared office, multi-purpose hall) rental operation
  • Support for startup empowerment

Urban Regeneration Project

By developing and operating educational and cultural contents that can enhance the benefits of local residents and customers, we will contribute to the local economic development by enhancing the public interest of the underdeveloped urban area.

  • Urban regeneration planning urban regeneration content planning/development (corporate development project collaboration)
  • Urban regeneration content operation (startup infrastructure operation collaboration)
  • Content planning (culture, experience, entertainment, etc.) management and operation

Future Growth Network Business

In order to identify promising startups that can be the driving force for the fourth industry and future growth, we intend to form a shared growth frame with prism, UN-Habitat, Venture Graduate University, etc., which are a youth entrepreneurship network.

  • Networking with startup-related organizations
  • PRISM (Business Collaboration)
  • N-Habitat (Urban Regeneration Program Collaboration) Venture Graduate University

T-Commerce Gateway
Digital distribution platform

By constructing a new distribution platform aimed at the 4th industry and the new concept of the digital nomad generation, we aim to drive the growth and revitalization of promising manufacturing-based startups.

  • Discovery of promising start-ups based on manufacturing (corporate development business collaboration)
  • Building, operating and managing online platforms for distribution activation, etc.
  • Development, operation and management of digital payment systems, etc.

Brand & Design Business

To enhance the completeness of the innovation growth frame that links start-up development and urban regeneration, and to increase the reputation of the business that promotes the development of content branding and communication design.

  • Brand consulting planning
  • Communication design
  • Space design
  • Global marketing strategy development, etc.

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