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Expanded data home shopping as a payment method for cryptocurrency, a neweconomicgrowth engine, urban regeneration project for public benefit, and integrated mobile commerce gateway for business-oriented business It is a management consulting company specialized in the development of blockchain-based platforms.

MakerSpace is used as a space where people or organizations interested in discovering and nurturing start-ups and startups related to the fourth industry, acquiring relevant knowledge, forming networking relationships, meetings and meetings with stakeholders, sharing offices, and attracting investors.

Maker Space is an open creative space for everyone, a complex business space with a new concept for free business cooperation. Enjoy your efficient work and relaxation in a spacious and comfortable space. Blockchain, consulting, related lectures and seminars are also available.


What is the use of MAKERSPACE?

Coronation Guide

MAKERSPACE aims to support and nurture venture startups and provides the space infrastructure of maker space for related business events.

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We are inviting business partner members to work together on the first floor of maker space café, as well as meeting rooms on the second floor, small meeting rooms, classrooms, etc.